Ideal for the whole family


This high protein drink can be enjoyed by the whole family including pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.


Adults & Elderly

• A rich source of protein & essential nutrients for overall well-being.
• Promotes bowel regularity.
• Prevents high cholesterol.
• Maintains a healthy heart, eyes, bones and muscles.
• Prevents risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s in older people.


• Provides essential nutrients for healthy growth.
• High protein source for optimal bone and muscle growth.
• Promotes brain and eye health.
• Helps enhance memory and improve attention.
• Prevents constipation.
• Boosts immunity.


Directions for Use

Add 3 scoops (provided inside) of powder into a mug/ shaker of cold/ warm water (200 - 250ml). Stir/ shake well and drink after preparation.

* NH Soy Seeds tastes best when allowed to sit for 5 minutes after mixing.



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